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Submission Guidelines

The OTF Journal is an open access peer reviewed journal. While preference is given to manuscripts that have been presented at an OTF Workshop, all manuscripts submitted to the OTF Journal are accepted on the condition that they have not been previously published, and are not under consideration or in press elsewhere. Contributions are forwarded for review at the discretion of the chief editors of the journal. Accepted manuscripts will be only published online.


General Submission Guidelines

1, Follow the latest version of the APA Style Sheet.

2. Any consistent spelling is acceptable.

3. Submissions should be no longer than 8000 words.

4. Articles should be original. Where any work overlaps with published work in another language, this should be clearly indicated in the text of the submission.

5. Author should adhere to non-sexist/non-discriminatory language.

6. Do not use footnotes. Endnotes are preferred, but should be kept to a minimum, and only used where necessary. Endnote should precede the References.

7. Authors should ensure that they have cleared all copyright permissions especially for graphics, and documentary evidence of this should be sent with the final submission.  No article will be published unless appropriate copyright permission has been granted.

8. Figures and Tables should be sent in a separate file with their titles and numbers (e.g. Figure 1: Map of the old town of Quebec). Do not embed figures or tables into the text of the article.

8. All figures and tables should be clear and easily reproduced.  Their appropriate position in the article should be indicated with words such as: PLACE TABLE 1 ABOUT HERE, or PLACE FIGURE 1 ABOUT HERE.

10. Acceptable formats for figures or graphics are tiff, pdf, jpeg.


Transfer of Copyright

All authors of accepted manuscripts must transfer copyright to the OTF Journal.  A copyright consent form will be sent out to all the authors.  The authors are required to mail the form back to the OTF Journal.


Article Submission

The first page of the submission must contain the following information:

1. Title of the Article

2. Name of the author(s). One author should be identified as the corresponding author.

3. Author’s affiliation and email.

4. A short bio statement for each author of no more than 50 words.


The article itself should delete any author identification so that it can be sent anonymously to reviewers.  The article must contain the following:

1. Title of the Article

2. Abstract(no more than 300 words

3. Between one and six key words.

4. Body of the Article


Articles should be submitted by email to keizo-nanri AT cc.oita-u.ac.jp as MS Word attachment. Put ‘OTF Journal Submission’ in the subject line of the email.


Disclaimer: The OTF Journal makes every effort to ensure that information contained in published manuscripts is accurate.  However, statements and opinions expressed in articles and other published material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent those of the editors or the publisher of the journal.